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Huber Villa – Tarabya


This week we visited the Huber Villa, used as a presidential campus since 1985. And when we say visit, we mean figuratively. We were not one of the lucky fifteen that got to tour the villa during the 2010 Culture Capital Program; even taking these pictures got us warnings 🙂

Designed by architect Raimondo D’aronco at the end of the 19th century, this spectacular villa’s first owner was the Kurupp Arms Company’s representative to the Ottoman Empire: Auguste Huber and his family, which the villa is still named after. On a side note, you can view cannonballs manufactured by the Krupp Company at the Maritime Museum in Besiktas.

The Hubers bought the 6400 meter-square lot in 1890 from the Tingiroglu and Duzoglu families and personally planted the field.

Once suppliers of arms to the Ottoman Empire, Huber family left Istanbul with the declaration of the republic. The villa was sold to the Finance Minister Necmeddin Molla, and then to the Egyptian Princess Kadriye. The Princess later sold the villa to Notre Dame de Sion School for a nominal amount of money. With the eventual decease of the nuns who habited the villa, this lot was appropriated by the state and renovated in 1985.41. Hafta

According to various architectural reviews we came across on the Internet, the villa’s originality diminishes with each president’s term. You can find different photos of the villa from here.

To get to Huber Villa, follow the Yenikoy/Tarabya route from Besiktas. A little word of caution: when examining the villa, try and avoid looking suspicious – it is a presidential villa after all…

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