The Oldest of the Mosques

Beyazit Mosque


This week we visited the second selatin mosque (done by the Sultans after a victory) of the city, Beyazit Mosque, ordered to be built by Sultan Beyazit II, and completed in 1505. Since Fatih Mosque’s original design was changed later on, Beyazit Mosque can be considered as the oldest mosque of the city (You can read our entry about Fatih Mosque from here).


While the main architect of the mosque is unknown, Architect Hayrettin, Architect Kemaleddin and Yakupsah bin Sultansah are known to be involved in the design and the construction.

Situated in the Beyazit Social Complex, which was once known as Taurus Square (Forum Tauri) during Byzantine Empire, the engravings on the middle gate, dome and mihrab of the mosque were created by one of the most famous calligraphers of his time Seyh Hamdullah.IMG_1563

To get to Beyazit Mosque, you can take a bus or the tram from Eminonu and get off at the Beyazit Square stop.


This neighbourhood is best enjoyed on a walking tour. After visiting Beyazit Square, Mosque and Social Complex (click here for more information on the buildings within the complex), you can visit the second-hand book sellers’ market alongside Grand Bazaar; or take the route behind Istanbul University and visit Suleymaniye Mosque (you can read our entry on the Suleymaniye Mosque here), and continue on to Istanbul University’s Botanical Garden (you can read our entry on the garden here). We strongly recommend you check the visiting hours of each one of these places before you embark on your walking journey!

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