The Mosque, Mustafa IIIrd Couldn’t Name After Himself

Laleli Mosque – Aksaray


This week we visited Laleli Mosque that Mustafa III had it be built for him between 1759-1763. Involved in westernization efforts, Mustafa III ordered this mosque to be built by Mehmet Tahrir Agha. The bazaar under the mosque was built in the cellar of the mosque and was discovered in 1950s during a road construction.


An example of baroque architecture, Laleli Mosque got its colloquial name through the nearby Laleli Baba Mausoleum. The mosque Mustafa III ordered to be built for his mother in Uskudar was also named differently by the public as Ayazma (Holy Spring) Mosque. According to legend, Mustafa III responded to the public’s own names of the mosques as “We made two pious donations; water took the credit for one, and a saint took the credit for the other”.IMG_1505

You can find more information on the mosque from here. There is also a 3D tour of the mosque through here, but we always suggest you rather go visit it in person.

To get to Laleli Mosque, visitors can take the T1 Kabatas-Bagcilar Tramway Line and get off at the Aksaray stop.


We had help writing this entry from Murat Belge’s “Istanbul Travel Guide” which provides great information on the Mosque and its surroundings. Once there, don’t miss out on this small beauty we are picturing below. Just one of the many beautiful details of Istanbul…


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