The First Skyscraper of the City

Deutche Orient Bank
Have you ever paid any attention to this marvelous building also known as Germania Han? 
Designed by architect August Jachmund who also designed Sirkeci Train Station, this building was constructed between the years 1900 and 1910.

Its tower qualifies the building to be considered as one of the first skyscrapers of Istanbul. Facing the square, the tower is the most grandiose part of the triangular structure. While the entrance floor was used as a bank, upper floors were reserved for trade businesses.

Later bought by Yapı Kredi Bank, the building was renovated in 1997. You can check out the restoration details through this (But it’s only in Turkish). While we were not allowed to take pictures inside the building, it is rumored that even this historical landmark will be turned into a hotel. Perhaps then we can show you what the inside looks like.

When you are visiting this building make sure you stop by at First Vakıf Han right near Deutche Orient Bank. This building was designed by Mimar Kemalettin, who was a student of August Jachmund and was influenced by him.
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Tracer of Istanbul

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