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Atatürk Museum – Şişli

As you know by following your Istanbul Diary, this week we are visiting Atatürk Museum.

Arriving in Istanbul after World War I in 1918, Atatürk takes lodging in Madam Osep Kasapyan’s building in Şişli.Up until he left for Samsun in May 16th of 1919 he resides in this house with his mother, sister and aid-de-camp.

The building gets bought by Member of Parliament Tahsin Uzer from Erzurum, and gets rebought by the Municipality in 1927 to be opened to public in 1942.

A fire in 1962 damages the building, and after a restoration it gets reopened in 1981.

Decorated mostly in yellow and gold hues, the museum houses objects, clothes, stamps, photos, paintings and received gifts previously owned by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

While we visited the museum it strongly needed a renovation and from 1st of January the renovation started. On the 31st of December the museum will reopen its doors for the visitors; we certainly hope that this will get the attention it deserves and returns to its days of glory.
You can find more details about the museum here.
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