Peace and Serenity

Fatih Mosque


This week we are visiting the first of the selatin mosques. The original Fatih Mosque built in the reign of Fatih the Conqueror was damaged beyond repair from various fires and earthquakes, hence the Fatih Mosque we know today was ordered to be built by Sultan Mustafa III in 1771.  The architect of the original mosque is Atik Sinan.


The location of the mosque was carefully chosen and quite symbolic. When Fatih took over the city, he decided the mosque to be built on where once Hagioi Apostoloi/Havariyun Church (Twelve Apostles Church) stood to establish the city as an Ottoman entity. According to some sources, the church was not torn down by the Ottomans but rather was in a bad condition and the Patriarch was willing to move the church elsewhere.


The city legends claim that the embalmed body of Fatih the Conqueror lays in the cellars of the Havariyun Church under the mosque.


You can find information on how to get to Fatih Mosque from this link. You can also take a 3D tour of the mosque from here.

Centuries, empires, reigns, fires, earthquakes, legends… All that is left today is peace and serenity; and this dried up fountain in front of the mosque, which serves as a goal post to children to brighten their day.


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Tracer of Istanbul

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