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Mimar Sinan University – Fındıklı
Garabet Amira Balyan from Balyan family is the architect of the double palaces Sultan Abdulmecit have ordered to be built for his daughters Cemile Sultan and Munire Sultan.

Cemile Sultan’s palace was used as the parliament after the fire that damaged Ciragan Palace. Established as Sanay-i Nefise after the independence, with a name change the palace joined the Fine Arts Academy in 1928.

A fire that took place in April 1st 1948 resulted in the loss of various important books, documents and pieces of art.
By being reopened in 1953 after the restoration, Adile Sultan Palace that was used as the Ataturk High School for Girls and Zevki Kadin Elementary School buildings were joined to Mimar Sinan University’s grounds. 

Now the Elementary School building has the tiniest post office inside, and a beautiful fountain by the building. You can get more information about the history from here (only Turkish).

While the university is mostly only open to students and educators, you can still visit these spectacular buildings through keeping up with the special exhibitions and events that take place in the establishment. You can follow their program here (only Turkish). To get there, just walk towards Karakoy from Kabatas and take in the amazing view of the Bosphorus.
And here’s an insider’s tip: While here, stop by at the Mimar Sinan University shop located in the Tophane-i Amire building across the street. The shop sells Mimar Sinan University publications at a discount rate as well as university related memorabilia.
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