As The Storks Are Leaving

Old timers used to say August consisted of 15 days of summer, and 15 days of winter. Indeed, while it’s still (quite) hot during the day, we are starting to get a little chilly in the evenings.

Migrotary birds must have noticed this, since they are slowly starting to make their way to warmer lands.

But still, Istanbul is beautiful in all seasons.

So, don’t lock yourselves away indoors in attempts to avoid the upcoming colds and the rains; keep on exploring.

You will find an interesting detail that will catch your eye in every Istanbul street. Take your camera, and if you don’t like solitude, the company of someone you enjoy; with you. Create yourselves memories for the future, and of course – write them down.

As I say goodbye, here’s a song about Istanbul that I quite like.

Peyk – Istanbul

Take care of yourselves,
The Istanbul Tracer

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  1. Unknown says:

    Ne guzel bir parca.. Aklima geldikce dinliyorum.
    Gocmek nasil bir sey acaba? Durmadan

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